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Saturday, February 6, 2010


The Gryphon

Matt with the happy/cheesy smile


Phil Wood BB

The Setup

Matt (aka the bossman) just ordered his dream-machine. He has been wanting the perfect bike to "do it all" for a long time. And the Singular Gryphon is the perfect bike for the job. In the past year or so there has been a huge push for the 29'er road/gravel bikes and freeroader style riding. The gryphon has an eccentric bottom bracket to accommodate single speed setups, 1x9's, and (hopefully) a full range of gears. I say hopefully because we are currently struggling to find Matt cranks that will work with 110 spacing and a ten speed chainring with mountain bike crank setup. Matt's FSA road cranks rubbed on the frame and did not have a lot of clearance. We ended up ordering some Surly Mr. Whirly cranks to see if they will solve our problems and get Matt rolling. He has a beautiful bike with cream, green, and red color schemes and lacking in carbon (except maybe a 5 mm spacer) which I fully support with this kind of bike. I imagine the bike is going to ride great and suite Matt's needs for going anywhere and doing anything. Check out Singular's full line of bikes and some more info on the company. Enjoy.

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