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Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Megan will laugh at me

The commute this morning started with 4 degree windchills and temperatures not much higher. The hands were immediately cold and the wind was howling. The mariachi remained stable and will be my winter bike for the remainder of the cold weather. The temps are supposed to be in the 40's this weekend so that will be awesome. To comment on some awesome products: the Polar insulated water bottles do really well in cold weather and supposedly warm weather (who rides in that?), the headsweats fleece lined beanie was remarkably warm in the frigid temperatures, and if you don't ride a Brooks saddle you should. The work day flew by as laughs were shared by Mateo and I, and the temperature warmed to an astounding 9 degrees with windchill for the ride home. The ride was good, legs felt worked, had a tailwind, and I stayed warm for the majority. A warm shower felt great....and my girlfriend brought me home some awesome pasta and garlic bread, and will laugh at the picture of the mariachi because she thinks I take way too many pictures of my bikes....which, I have a counter question...can you ever really take too many pictures of your bike?? Keep your cocksickles warm.

- J

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