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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wheeeeeel Fast

Custom Painted Industry 9's

DA rear wheel

DA carbon wrapped rim, red nips

tubless road...what!?


So, since I have worked at the new shop Wheel Fast....we have seen a lot of high end action. Seriously...all I have been working on are high end builds, custom frames, building wheels, working on the newest of the new components, it has been awesome. Sadly I was told that this was unusual for the shop....but it has been pretty cool to work on this really nice stuff. Recently, we got in a set of industry nine mountain wheels with a custom green paint job to match the green cannondale frame. The rear hub on these wheels has a lot of pauls in it, maybe even more than the Chris King hubs. You can honestly not find a single spot on the rear hub body with any play...unreal. Another cool aspect of the industry nines are the spokes. The spokes for these thread into the hub directly and have the spoke nipple built into the spoke. Also, a set of the new Dura-Ace road tubeless clincher wheels. These are carbon wrapped aluminum rims that form an ultra tight seal with the bead of the tire. The tires we used were Specialized road tubeless tires and the bead was REALLY tight....pumped up to 90 psi felt like 120 psi, it was crazy. All together for the wheels, skewers, and tires they weighed in at 5 lbs....crazy light! The design of the rear hub body was also really cool. Enjoy.

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