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Monday, February 22, 2010


Show floor

Cool Salsa Photography

Saris Trainer-Blender...Margaritas?

Pizza pizza in the world.

The scratch and dent haul of 2010

Drinking whiskey with the Surly guys

QBP wheel builder spokes

Salsa skewer orgy

The Rohloff internals....I honestly don't even know

Sick Ridley Cross

Scratch and Denter

All-City SS Cross

Dave's Arrowhead 135 Pug setup

Salsa's new adventure line

Frostbike 2010 has come and gone. As usual February means frostbike time. I drove to DeKalb to meet up with the NCC boys and we hit the road around 1 pm. Tobie slayed the roads and we made it to St. Paul in about 5 hours...where we explored grand street and got some italian food for dinner. We made it to the hotel and within five minutes we were in the hot tub relaxing from the long drive and stress/cold of the winter training rides. A drink of whiskey was shared at the bar and we headed to bed for the early start on saturday. The next morning we got up and rolling and arrived to QBP headquarters around 8 am. The anticipation of the scratch and dent sale was felt with everyone waiting in the crowd. The doors opened at 8:30 am and the rush began to see what was available. I grabbed a box of 8 nitto noodle bars for the NCC boys while Tobie grabed a Salsa Dos Niner and Ari grabbed a Salsa Big Mama. The deals were amazing and the men were pleased. The wandering started shortly after and we gradually made our way through the show. The wonderful people at QBP and all of the vendors were extremely nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. The men at Surly invited us up to their office to have some drinks and hangout. The evening started with the Surly guys giving us throwing stars to throw at a book shelf in their office. They poured us glasses of Maker's Mark and we toasted to a great weekend. We got to tour the QBP factory on our own and explore the dream builder, shock treatment, and wheel house area. Later in the evening we made our way to Pizza Luce with Scott from Salvagetti (the shop phil works at). Laughs, stories, and pizza was shared over dinner including a mashed potato pizza which might be the most delicious pizza I have ever eaten. We headed back to the hotel with full stomachs and let the digestion process start while chillin in the hot tub. We happened to talk with the owner of DZ-nuts (chamois cream). He was a pretty cool guy and we got to learn a lot about his product. Free drinks at the bar were provided from our new friends at Knog...which have completely re-done some of the frog lights and come up with some pretty cool locks, the weiner, the foot long, and the kilbasa....pretty funny company. Sunday morning we headed to the Cane Creek seminar and each recieved free 110 headsets ($150 retail), so that was really nice of those guys to give us their product to try. The fizik seminar was horrible despite making a nice product, we wrapped up with questions for vendors and after Tobie won almost every raffle in the place, hit the road. As usual the drive back was much longer than the drive up and to keep with yearly tradition, the car was full to the brim with bike parts and brochures. Thanks to Tobie, Ari, and Russ for a great weekend, many laughs, and for being "cooool". All the best.

- J


  1. Good photos and write up, sounded like an exciting trip. You guys look pretty comfy on that couch... especially Tobie and Ari....

  2. sounds fun! dobber and i spied you and the NCC element outside our house late sunday when you came to retrieve your car. hope the ride home to springfield wasn't too horrible.

  3. Another frostbike and another fun time. It goes by so fast. I think we could have had more whiskey and it would have been cool to tour some cool shops in the mpls. Hope to ride with you soon again.