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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Singular Update

The Phil Wood eccentric BB is awesome on the gryphon. The Mr. Whirly cranks came in for Matt's gryphon and they fit beautifully on the bike. The black paint job and BB cups matched the other black components on the bike. This crankset is an extremely versatile piece of engineering. There are three different spindle lengths, many different spider options, and will fit just about any bike that you can think of. We got these puppies working with a 110 BCD 10 speed rings with more of a mountain style setup on the singular. Matt has a 48/34 in the front and i think a 12-36 in the back. Think about that for a second....thats a 34/36 gear ratio for the lowest gear....way past 1:1, that will get you up anything you want to climb in the midwest for sure (Ari still rockin the 34/34 for T.I. ?) If you know of someone with crank problems fitting on the bike, tell them one thing....Surly Mr. Whirly. Ohhh Yeaaaaa.

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