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Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is what thosands of birds looks like

Matt's Musclestang

Beautiful Sunday afternoon for a ride, and thats what I did. Met up with Matt and Dave from the shop and we went on a cruise around town exploring the new bike paths and putting some miles on the bikes. We stopped at Matt's house for a water and food refill and saw his mustang in person...looks pretty awesome. I then cruised home around the lake like I have been doing and saw thousands of birds swarming around the lake. My girlfriend and I had noticed this days earlier and it is a crazy site. Literally thousands of birds circling and sitting in the can hear them from miles away. So, 35 miles for the day....about 110 miles for the week. Happy with that. Here's the breakdown.

Tuesday night - 1:00 hour on the rollers

Wednesday - 20 mile commute

Thursday - 25 mile road ride

Saturday - 25 mile commute / ride

Sunday - 35 mile chiller

Now, I need to do a ton of laundry and start the routine all over again.

- J


  1. Jay, miss having you around. I really do.

  2. Miss you too buddy, and the long grueling rides...should be up in DeKalb in about two or three weeks.